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Single Outdoor Quick Opening Mosquito Net

How to use: It can be used directly on the ground by fixing the ground nail or on the single rollaway bed.
  • 220cm*75cm*75cm

  • 220cm*90cm*105cm

  • B3 mesh fabric

  • Oxford cloth

  • Army green

  • fiber rod

Single Outdoor Quick Opening Mosquito Net

This is an outdoor quick-opening mosquito net suitable for single use, the internal use of elastic fiber rod as a support, no complicated construction, just loosen the belt after the mosquito net will automatically spring open, easy to use. Light weight, simple folding, small volume after storage, easy to carry. The bottom is equipped with ground nail webbing and clasps, suitable for use on flat ground or on a single rollaway bed. The tent body is made of B3 fine mesh, which ensures mosquito prevention while taking into account air permeability. The bottom of the curtain is made of waterproof fabric, which is not afraid to get wet even when used on wet ground. The front side adopts the single-side big door design, convenient access, is a very good light outdoor product. 

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