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Light Shade Pop-up Bracket Mosquito Net

  • 190T

  • on the floor or in bed

  • shading, anti-mosquito

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  • 2

Light Shade Pop-up Bracket Mosquito Net

This is a light shade mosquito net that can be placed on the ground or used on the bed. The interior uses a pop-up bracket structure, which can be completed by simple operation and easy to use. There is a large door on the left and right side to facilitate access, and a ventilation window on the front and back. There is an anti-mosquito net gauze at the ventilation window, so that you will not be bitten by mosquitoes even when you open the ventilation. The interior is equipped with a large storage bag to store items such as books or mobile phones. The mobile phone charging cable hole is reserved, which is convenient for mobile phone charging or headphones to listen to music, etc. At the same time, it is also a good private space, and it is a very suitable for indoor use of shading and anti-mosquito products.

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Light Shade Mosquito Net

Pop-up Mosquito Net

Mosquito Net


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