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Individual Outdoor Lightweight Mosquito Net

Support material: None (hiking pole or branch can be used as support, or directly fixed on the tree with wind rope)

How to use: The four corners are fixed with ground nails, and then the two sides can be set up with hiking poles or branches. It can also be used with other outdoor tents
  • 210cm*130cm*100cm

  • B3 mesh

  • Oxford cloth

  • Grey + Custom

Individual Outdoor Lightweight Mosquito Net

This is a lightweight mosquito net suitable for single outdoor use, in order to extreme lightweight, the product is not equipped with a support pole, can be used as a hiking pole or branches as a support pole, or even directly tied to the tree can be built, the weight is only about 0.83kg, the volume is small after storage, even if carrying a long hike will not cause a burden to the user. There is no need for complicated construction, just flat, fix the four corners of the ground, and then fix the support rods on both sides to complete the construction. Use very fine B3 mesh mesh, even small mosquitoes can not enter the mosquito net to disturb your rest, the bottom use waterproof Oxford cloth, even in wet ground can be used. The net can also be used with other tents, such as with the canopy, or as an inner tent for shelter tents, is a lightweight, versatile tent mosquito net.

There are a variety of outdoor mosquito nets available, each designed to provide the highest level of protection against these pesky pests. From lightweight pop-up models to large, heavy-duty tents, there is a net to meet any outdoor need. With the right outdoor mosquito net, you can enjoy the outdoors without worrying about pesky bites.

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