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Enlarged Umbrella Polyester Mosquito Net For Bed


Enlarged Umbrella Polyester Mosquito Net For Bed

This is an enlarged umbrella mosquito net. Compared with the conventional umbrella net size (our company's conventional model), the top diameter is 16% larger, the height is 8% larger, and the hem circumference is 22.5% larger The size is improved in all directions, with larger space, free activities without pressure, so it can be used in the big bed or double bed, but the volume is very small after storage, can be very Easy to put in a backpack or cabinet, easy to carry, does not take up space.

The body of the tent uses 380 mesh mesh cloth, and at the top of the use of compact treatment, showing a beautiful vertical shape at the same time, but also with air permeability and toughness, not Sultry, not easily damaged.

Sufficient length is reserved at the bottom of the hem, and the compact design makes the bottom of the net close to the ground, so that mosquitoes cannot enter through the bottom of the net, a true all-round 360°Mosquito repellent, is a mosquito net very suitable for use in indoor rooms.

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Mosquito Net For Bed

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