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Bed Tent Indoor Mosquito Nets

  • 190*100*120cm

  • 190*137*120cm

  • shading, privacy protection, anti-mosquito

  • elastic steel wire

  • Black, blue, custom

  • Custom

  • indoor mosquito nets

Bed Tent Indoor Mosquito Nets

This is a tent mosquito net that can be placed directly on the bed. The internal bracket of the mosquito net is made of elastic steel wire structure, which is of high elasticity and toughness and is firm and strong. Mosquito net fabric using shading fabric, with high permeability and high shading characteristics, so that your sleep is not disturbed by light, but also to provide you with a good privacy space. The front and back of the Mosquito Net are equipped with doors, which can open the door for ventilation, not stuffy. The interior of the door is also equipped with anti-mosquito cloth, which can maintain anti-mosquito performance while opening the door, in addition to the number and location of the door can also be customized according to customer needs, suitable for various bed types and room layouts. Its installation is also very convenient, a person can easily complete, the volume is small after storage, does not take up space, is a very suitable for home use mosquito net.

Mosquito Nets

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Bed Tent

Indoor Mosquito Nets

Mosquito Nets


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