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Bed Support Square Mosquito Net

  • 120*200*170cm

  • 150*200*170cm

  • 180*200*170cm

  • 12 set

  • carbon thread support

  • bracket + three-way pipe

  • anti-mosquito, anti-fall

  • Blue, pink

  • 3 Doors open

Bed Support Square Mosquito Net

This is a stent mosquito net placed on the bed, the mosquito net inside the carbon thread bracket, high strength plastic pipe connection, strong and strong. Mosquito nets are made of hexagonal fine mesh cloth on all sides to prevent mosquitoes and take into account ventilation. The mosquito net is made of anti-mosquito cloth around the lower part, and even if your hands and feet unconsciously touch the edge of the mosquito net during sleep, mosquitoes can not bite you. The bottom four corners are elastic, which can firmly fix the mosquito net on the bed and prevent pulling and falling. Large interior space, you can stand in it. With a three-door design, double zipper head, no matter which side of your bed is against the wall, you can always find the right exit, flexible and easy to use. The interior is equipped with a mobile phone storage bag, and the mobile phone charging port is reserved for opening and closing, which is convenient to use the mobile phone while charging inside. It is a multi-functional mosquito net that integrates anti-fall, anti-mosquito and easy to use.

mosquito net for bed

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