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Outdoor Mosquito Repellent Hat Black

  • valuable
  • Black
  • 37*37*46cm
  • Elastic steel wire
  • UV material
  • B3 fine mesh fabric
  • valuable

Outdoor Mosquito Repellent Hat Black

This is an anti-mosquito hat very suitable for outdoor work or jungle exploration. The top is made of anti-ultraviolet material cloth, which can effectively block UVA, UVB and other harmful ultraviolet radiation to human body. B3 mesh cloth is used around the hat, which is fine and anti-mosquito, but does not block the view and ventilate. The brim is imprinted with elastic wire, which is easy to use. You only need to take it out of the bag, and it can automatically spring open when you let go. It is the best partner for you outdoors.

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Mosquito Hat

Black Mosquito Hat

Outdoor Mosquito Hat

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