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Leaf Lace Yurt Tent Mosquito Net

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  • White

  • 200*120*150cm

  • 200*150*150cm

  • 200*180*150cm

  • 5 steel wires

  • 100% polyester fiber

  • valuable

Leaf Lace Yurt Tent Mosquito Net

This is a yurt shaped mosquito net very suitable for home use. The bracket is made of 5 qin steel wires with high toughness and strength. There is no need to install, only need to loosen the tie, throw it into the air and finish the construction after a little finishing. Even if the pressure is applied, it is not easy to pull and break. Mosquito repellent cloth is adopted at the bottom of the mosquito net. Even if the hands and feet unconsciously touch the edge of the mosquito net during sleep, they will not be bitten by mosquitoes. It is an excellent mosquito repellent for indoor use.

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Yurt Tent


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